My journey to better skin with Image Skincare

Since my early teens I’ve suffered with bad skin. The teenage years are tough and the added pressure of having acne on my face really didn’t help! I was prescribed topical acne treatments by my GP and whilst they did help the spots they left my skin extremely dry and sensitive.
I looked forward to the days when I was no longer a teenager as I was under the illusion that only teenagers had bad skin and that I would grow out of it. As I hit my early twenties my bubble was burst and I realised that my skin issues weren’t going anywhere. I was at that carefree age where although I was conscious of the problem I really wasn’t looking after my skin. I tried several supermarket and pharmacy brands and when all else failed I went back the the creams prescribed by my GP. I used the dreaded face wipes after nights out, I didn’t even think about using SPF, I didn’t put too much thought into my skin type. The usual behaviour of lots of twenty something year old ladies! I was left with congested skin, with pigmentation spots, dry in places, oily in other places, and I was still very much prone to breakouts.
So what changed? Well I got engaged and of course I started thinking about how I was going to look my best for the big day! A fitness regime, a hair care regime and of course a skincare regime ensued. I had heard good things about Image Skincare from a friend so a few of months before the wedding I decided to pop in to a salon for a consultation. I was horrified when I saw my skin on their analysis machine, all of the the imperfections are magnified! The girls in the salon recommend Image Skincare and they also recommended a course of Image facials. I started with a couple of Image Products and I started to see results straight away. I didn’t go ahead with the facials because to be perfectly honest there wasn’t really room in the budget for them with the expense of the wedding! Also my skin was actually looking really well. My healthy eating and exercise regime was definitely helping. Thankfully my skin was glowing on the wedding day!
I turned 31 a couple of months before the wedding and with the thirties came an awareness of my skin and I started to consider the importance of really looking after it. Getting older made me think about wrinkles and ageing and I started to really take notice of my skin and the dreaded fine lines which were starting to appear. I decided to book in for a course of Image Peels and I had my first one in early December 2016.
The First Peel:
A chemical peel – it sounds kind of scary but any concerns I had melted away with the assurance of my knowledgeable therapist!
The therapist looking after me was extremely professional and very informative, she really has a fantastic knowledge of the Image Brand. She explained everything she was doing and talked me through each step. My skin was cleansed and prepared before the peel was applied. The peel itself felt uncomfortable to begin with and I did feel a burning sensation. This is all normal and I kept telling myself it would be worth it! The peel is only on the skin for a few minutes so the discomfort didn’t last for long! After the peel a mask was applied to my skin and I was given a post peel treatment kit to take home, which was included in the cost of the peels. This is great because post treatment care is very important so to have all the products and instructions you need is just brilliant!
The difference in my skin between these two photos is just after one peel! I’ve just had my fourth one and I will cover the results in detail in my next blog post. I’ll also tell you about my favourite Image products!
If you’re thinking about taking better care of your skin just do it, go for a consultation with a salon that do Image Skincare, you won’t regret it! We can hide a lot of things but we can’t hide our faces and my confidence has improved just as much as my skin! Since using Image products I haven’t looked back!
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Until next time,
Love Lisa xxx

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