How I lost 10lbs in 11 days! My Fitness Journey at Educo Gym: Part 1

Well lovely people it has been a while since I’ve posted. Life has been busy busy busy! I will fill you in on what else I have been up to in another post but for this one I’ll stick to my fitness journey.

On November 1st I joined Educo Gym. If you have been following me for a while you’ll know I’ve been on my fitness journey for a couple of years. So why Educo? To be perfectly honest the first reason was convenience – I noticed this new gym going up nearby where I work so I thought I would check it out. From that first day I walked through the doors of Educo I haven’t looked back – well unless I’m looking back to see how far I’ve come.

Another reason was that I had been training in the same gym for a couple of years up until my wedding and I just wanted a change of scene. A change is as good as a rest and all of that. Personally I find a new challenge always motivates me so I guess that’s what I was looking for.

The Educo way:

Every new member at Educo starts with a 12 day programme which is supported by university research. If you stick to the programme for the 12 days you are guaranteed 7lbs of fat loss and 3lbs of muscle gain. 12 days I thought to myself I could surely manage that! The staff seemed so friendly, the gym was open and spacious and I got a good feel for the place from the beginning so I decided to go for it and I signed up. I was booked in for a consultation where my measurements and photographs were taken. I had a chat with the consultant so that she could determine my goals and then based on my measurements and my goals I was given a tailored nutrition plan. I was asked if I had an allergies and what my likes & dislikes were. No foods that I don’t like were put on my plan which was so important to me.

When I read the plan I thought it seemed quite doable and what struck me was that it was all regular, normal foods that I would be buying and eating anyway – there was no shopping list of hard to get ingredients that I had to go in search of. I felt at that point I was already off to a good start!

The food

So what types of foods was I eating I hear you ask?

Three meals and two snacks per day. Plenty of green veg & salad, lean meats such as chicken, turkey & steak, fish, eggs, wholemeal pittas, yogurt, berries, fruits

To me it almost seemed too easy – I think that is because of the kinds of diets and training programmes I have done in the past which just weren’t maintainable.

The Training

All of the training is weights and resistance based. The sessions are only twenty minutes long so I find it so easy to fit them into my daily routine. Pretty much anyone could fine twenty minutes in their day for a session.

The training is personal training based so there is always an expert trainer at hand telling me what to do. I respond very well to this type of training environment which has helped me achieve my goals.

And the results?

Well the results speak for themselves, I had my weigh in and measurements taken on day 11, I was off to London for the weekend so I missed day 12. I was down an amazing 10lbs, 9.75 inches overall including 2 inches off my waist! I was walking on air walking out of the consultation room. To get such a boost to my weightloss in such a short space of time was amazing!  I was going to London for the weekend feeling and looking better than I had in ages.

Christmas came and with parties, nights out and two weekends away I faced back to the gym in January and discovered I had maintained my weight loss.I wanted to kick start everything again and boost my results so I undrertook another 12 day programme. I will tell you all about that in another post next week where I will cover my journey so far this year. I can’t wait to share my current shape with you!

Since I joined Educo I have so much more energy and it has impacted far more than just my weight. I will cover the benefits of exercise in another post.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

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Until next time,

Lisa xx


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