Crossfit – first impressions 

Hi everyone,

So as you probably already know I got married a few weeks ago! I wanted to look amazing on the day so in the months leading up to it I worked so hard in the gym and on my nutrition! It was tough but it paid off and I was so happy with how I looked on the day!

I first started getting serious about my fitness in October 2014 when I joined a gym. I lost over two stone and fitness has become a part of my life and I truly love it. I kept going to this particular gym right up to the wedding.

 Then I took seven weeks off from training and dieting. When I returned from honeymoon I quickly wanted to get back to the gym! There is honeymoon damage to be undone. 🙉 However for some reason I couldn’t face returning to the same gym and doing the same routines. I felt I needed a new challenge and a change of scenery!

I have heard a bit about Crossfit and I decided to give it a go! First I went along for a free taster session and I really enjoyed it so I joined up for the foundation course. This consists of three introductory classes where you learn the basics. I did my third session today and I am already hooked! 

I love the format of the classes and the split between strength and conditioning. Even though I have been a serious gym bunny for almost two years now, and have done personal training and classes, I did three exercises this week that I have never done before! I was delighted with this as I love a challenge and learning new things!

This is me after this mornings session, a sweaty mess 😂 I am so excited to see how I can progress my training and I took photos this morning so I can monitor my progress with photos! We can’t always rely on the scales!

I will let you know how I get on as I go forward 😀💪🏻 I will be snapping as I go if you want to see how I’m getting on 😘


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