Personal Training Week 2. 

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are settling into 2016! I had a lovely relaxing Christmas, I had a horrible cold but I tried not to let it get me down too much and get in the way of the fun and festivities 😊 I enjoyed my Christmas and wasn’t strict with my diet as I believe in enjoying times like Christmas. I didn’t go too mad either but I definitely wasn’t watching what I was eating! Due to my cold, the terrible weather and a little laziness, I didn’t get to the gym at all over Christmas. The break was nice but it got to the stage where I was itching to get back at it!

So I headed for the gym on Tuesday night for a personal training session. Week two of a six week course I am booked into. I have been going to the gym for over a year but I felt so nervous before I went in and I felt like a beginner! Once I got in and got started I settled and it was like I was never away. I have to say I was delighted to be back at it. The gym makes me feel fantastic and I love it 😊

  So here’s a run down of what I did this week, hopefully it will inspire you to hit the gym 😊 be sure to get the advice of a qualified trainer if you are going to start training.

Session one – 30 minutes long 

Round 1. Superset (this means the two exercises are done in a row before taking a rest). Three rounds of each set of exercises with a short break between each round. 

12 dumbell arm raises, lying on the bench and raising arms from the side up and around to meet in the middle. 4kgs in each hand. 

12 dumbell raises with 8kg in each hand. Raising arms straight up from chest and now again.
Round 2. 4 exercises – 3 rounds of each exercise with a short rest between each

12 lunges on the right leg followed by 12 lunges on the left leg- 8kg dumbbell in each hand 

10 squat to presses – 8kg dumbbell in each hand

10 low squats – getting as deep as possible – 8kg dumbbell in each hand

10 squat jumps 

Round 3. 2 rounds of each exercise 

10 plank up downs followed by two plank holds 

Session 2. 

Round 1. Rows

Single arm rows at weight level 3 -15 rows on each arm

Double arm rows – 2 rounds of 15 reps at weight level 5

Round Two. 3 exercises repeated in a row followed by a short break. 3 rounds.

15 TRX Low Rows – body as low to the ground as possible

30 TRX Leg Curls

15 deadlifts using a 32kg kettle bell

Round 3. Deadlifts 

Straight leg deadlifts holding 9kg dumbbell in each hand. 15 reps – 2 rounds 

Session 3. Heavy Compound

Round 1. Squats

12 deep squats with bar on shoulders and 10kg of added weight. Repeat 4 times 

Round 2. Bench Press

12 presses with 5kg of added weight on bar. Repeat 4 times. 

Round 3. Rows

12 Double arm rows at level 5. Repeat 4 times.

This week my trainer kept the weights a little lower than I am used to and we concentrated more on getting the best form and technique possible. 

I do some stretches after each session to minimise muscle soreness.

So that’s it for this weeks session guys & dolls. If you are thinking about getting fit then just go for it! 

Any questions get in touch –

You can follow me on snapchat of you want to keep up with me during the week @BFFLisa

Have a great week everyone 😀

Lis xxx


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