My name is Lisa and this blog is a platform for me to share my passions with you. My aim is to share what I have learned with others in the hope that it will help them become the best versions of themselves!

I am passionate about health & fitness. I’m a complete lover of fashion and I would shop until I drop! I love to look my best, work out and eat well. When I’m not at my day job I’m hitting the gym, trying out clean recipes, testing beauty products, shopping for the latest fashions and so on. I’m excited to share my passion with you all and I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts. Follow me on Instagram @lisaslifestyleblog, Facebook @lisaslifestyle,  Twitter @lisaslifestyle, snap chat @lifestyleoflisa

Please get in touch if you have any questions in relation to anything I blog about lisaslifestyle1@gmail.com . I’m not a professional stylist/make-up artist/fitness instructor or chef so my blog posts are from a customer point of view. I’m just a girl who wants to be the best version of herself! If I can help or inspire just one person then my blog will have been a success! If you like what you see please do share

Be the best version of you!


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